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Marijuana Strains That May Help With ADD/ADHD

Understanding cannabis and ADHD/ADD

ADHD, short for Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, is a common and chronic disorder that affects a person’s ability to focus. ADHD impacts around 4% of American adults, although it can often go undiagnosed. The severity of symptoms from ADHD range from person to person. Some patients experience mild symptoms while others may experience symptoms that are disruptive to everyday tasks, like forgetfulness, mood swings, and boredom. While there is currently no cure for ADHD, traditional treatment options range from daily medications to cognitive behavioral therapy.

Marijuana strains to try for ADHD

In the search for relief, some patients have turned to marijuana to help with ADHD symptoms. That’s because some strains of marijuana may help you focus and be mentally productive. When choosing a strain for ADHD symptoms, look for strains that are THC-dominant or have a balance of CBD and THC. Popular strains that may help with ADHD include Sour DieselHarle-Tsu, and Black Jack. Use this list to discover all the strains that may help you with ADHD.