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JUUL Pods For Sale|Buy JUUL Pods Online

A JUULpod is a disposable, non-refillable cartridge that contains a proprietary nicotine-containing e-liquid formulation creating a satisfying experience. JUULpods aren’t refillable, so there’s no need to finish your JUULpod before putting in a new one. Shop varieties of juul pods from our shop online with guaranteed delivery worldwide

The JUUL Device

The JUUL Device is a closed system vaporizer designed to create a simple and consistently satisfying experience for adult smokers looking to transition away from cigarettes.


JUUL is not your average vaporizer.

The JUUL Device comprises an indicator light that shows charge; an opening where you insert the JUULpod; and charging contacts on the bottom, that connect your device to the USB Charging Dock.

The JUUL Device contains a stress-tested battery, a proprietary temperature regulation technology and a set of sensors that identify when it’s in use.

How to use JUUL

Give yourself time to explore what works best for you. You may find yourself inhaling or puffing a little differently with JUUL than with cigarettes.

Features & Benefits

Clean Design

No buttons and no screens, simply insert your JUULpod to get started.

Long Lasting Battery

Designed to cater to adult smokers, the JUUL Device features a long lasting battery life.

Fast Charging

The included JUUL USB Charging Dock enables you to quickly charge your JUUL anywhere with a USB port. Whether at home or on the go.

LED Indicator

The LED indicator lets you view the status of your JUUL Device’s battery with a tap.